Tuesday, 17 September 2013


How'dy my good friends out there!
LIBIDO: -  Hey is your libido really letting you down? Now this is a serious question, some people just take it for granted. Ask the ones, whose been struck by ecstatic sexual chronic displeasure? You would know what I'm talking about.
Libido is a healthy, normal feeling especially strong in youth and gradually fading with age. loss of libido is a common symptom of numerous physical illnesses, and sociological life style mismanagement. It could be result of stress, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, socio-lifestyle, including among others the foods you consume; especially in excess. Mind you food is good for the body eat at the wrong time or excess of it and it could turn out to be toxic to your body biological systems.
According to the Viennese Neurologist Freud Sigmund - sexual development during childhood in terms of oral, anal, and genital stages [representing the areas of the body towards which a child's attention is directed at different ages] of development could have experienced neurotic disorders and abnormal sexual behavioural fixations largely unnoticed by the unsuspecting parents.

Narcissism, intense self love, could also be responsible for poor libido later in adult life. This is due to personal disorder characterised by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, constant need for attention or praise, inability to cope with criticism or defeat, and poor relationships with other people. Some school of thought  ascribed been over weight as a likely effect of poor libido? Well could be, but have you not notice some moderately weighted humans with very poor to bad libido? Now do you ever consider the things that goes inside of you in terms of your aphrodisiac foods, the balance and the quantity you consume of them?

Some of this food you consume contains bio-nutrients that play vital roles in the development of physiological parts of your body. For example but not limited: -  

  • ASPARAGUS which offers a lot of FOLIC ACID which your body needed to increase histamin production that makes reaching orgasm easier for both men and women.
  • GINGER with the strong ability to stimulate blood flow, which makes the erogenous zone much more sensitive and rigid for action.
  • GARLIC very ripe with allicin which increases the all-important blood flow and pressure that keep the momentum of erotica in motion.
  • CHOCOLATE rich in cacao  PEA [ phenylethylamine] which promotes dopamine production in the brain's pleasure centres during romance erotica and peak of orgasm.
  • AVOCADOS which also help to control blood pressure in humans.
  • OYSTER +  have been connected with the increase production of testosterone and progesterone which raises libido in both genders respectively.   

  The best way to enjoy the richness of OYSTER is from the direct combination of quail egg when consumed whole as it where with the shell.
Blend the fresh pure organic quail egg in a mechanical blender and add about 2 tablespoons of pure organic honey and allow to mix [5 - 8 eggs] for about 5 to 8 minutes in the blender. Pour into a glass or tea cup and enjoy it calmly.
Try this for a period of 2 to 3 months and you will experience superior libido, and  zest energy for sexual pleasure. You must not just try it, remember  never to bring anxiety into this, simply enjoy it in the morning and evenings like any other aphrodisiac.
If you experience lovely improvement of your inner energy then catch up with your wife's best fertile periods menstrual cycle, that's gonna be a bang! Tremendous stunning session for those looking forward to a fiddly fingers!
Good luck till we come your way at another time keep on rocking may your dikky be standing!
Dr Allen!