Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Making Residual Income From Farm Eggs [Quail Eggs].

Quail eggs best of all.

Do you know you can make some money [cool cash] from pre-boiling and packaging eggs for sale? YES!
A lot of people just don’t think deep enough. You see this is just a simple community to places small start up business. Just start very small, build your sales pitch technique, get your skill right and off you.

Heck! Yeah what do you need?
1.   Crate of fresh farm eggs [Wemton farm can supply your need]
2.   Cooking stove
3.   Cooking pot
4.   Plastic container.
5.   Ice block
6.   Nylon pack [if you feel rich enough pre-printed pack is nice.]
7.   Street survey of local eatry joint/food sellers/restaurants/hotels/school boarding house kitchen/confectionery/bakery shop.
8.   Deliver note/invoice/receipts , [very important for record keeping such that your customers don’t lie about spoilage etc]

This is a very simple cottage size business, are you a work fro home mum, or simply out of job person hoping to start a survival for life income?


Okay, you followed the directions on how to cook eggs from our agric business school blog site [] your egg shells are still sticking? Need to de-shell in speed and deliver. Never fear, it is very possible to remedy such a situation!
Follow our trusted and tried system that has proven magic on our farm research school.

1.   First, before going through all the trouble - sacrifice one egg and be sure the batch is actually cooked. Most likely it is, because it is usually overcooked eggs that are the stickiest.
2.   Take the batch of hard boiled eggs that you need to fix and set them aside in a colander[sieve bowl] in the sink. Next, take a pot of near boiling water (you can also microwave/boil the water in a cup) and pour over the eggs (with shells intact).
3.   We, usually do this for a good 15-30 seconds before moving on to the next step.
4.   Next, take a pot of ice cold water (I actually this you have put in ice/fridge  before boiling your eggs) and pour over the eggs. Be sure to do this within 30 seconds of having poured the hot water over it.
5.   Now, your eggs should be easy to peel. What happened? What did you do? When you poured the heat over the eggs, it caused them to temporarily expand against the shell. Next, when you poured the ice water, the egg inside reacted by shrinking and effectively separating itself from the shell. This REALLY works!
6.   If you don't have time, or just have a mildly sticky egg – We just usually will run it under hot tap water for about 30 seconds and then run it under cold water for just as long. It's important to "shock" the egg with the two temp changes to get the best effect. Often this quick method is enough to yield you a good amount speed to de-shell the eggs  with very little shell problem.
7.   Rest the pilled eggs in a bowl or plastic, to cool.
8.   Set them out inside your nylon pack in batches of 12/24/or preferably 36.
9.   Best of all set them in brine solution in a jar for the fridge/freezer.
10.                Call your target customer and dispatch your stock.

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