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Do you want to be a Foodpreneur? Join our health food club @ Wemton!

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Natural Health Care option in Nigeria is going through a sweeping reform regardless of the activities of health care professionals, and political class. Most Nigerians have chosen to take back the primary responsibility of their own health care and living conditions.
There are many reasons for this real health care reform, including the limited effectiveness and multiple side effects of drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and more. The unusual cost of modern medicare has forced many Nigerians to explore alternative natural care health sources. Even the advent of the Chinese alternative health food revolution is changing the way modern physicians view nutrition. The focus have shifted from treating disease to preventing diseases through improved lifestyle based upon optimised healthy diet plans that help prevent diseases.

Do you want to Become a health  foodpreneur? Five ways to Bootstrap Your Own Food Health Business!

How do you start your own Health Food Company or Distribution Company?
The economy is shrinking and the traditional job market has become a fossil almost overnight. The 9 to 5 job that required you to get a college degree and then stay with the same company for your whole professional life has been dying for a while, and the great recession put the final shovel in its grave.
The shift has been unsettling to many, but the same forces that have zapped away the jobs of yesterday have created remarkable benefits to the agile-minded. You can have any job you want, but you have to create it yourself.
That’s what I did, and you can do it too, easily within the Agric-business industry!
The world’s an unhealthy place, and it needs people willing to do the handwork needed to give others more knowledge, tools, and products to keep them, feeling vital. If that’s your interest, you might as well get paid for your efforts.
A question? I frequently get asked by my friends is: So Wemton how does starting a health food company work?  I’ve never heard of anything like that before, what did you do?
Hopefully this piece will shed some light on the issue, as well as give you a few other ideas to get the wheels turning for gold for you too.
To make sure all these ideas are accessible, every idea listed below has the following qualities to it:
  • No certifications required.  Nothing will require you to have certain letters after your name. You shouldn’t have to spend the best years of your life slogging through the credentials grist mill just to get permission to go into the field. 
  • Low startup costs.  To get up and running with these will cost you anywhere from =N=10,000 - =N=250,000. For a few it’s actually hard to spend a lot of money getting them going.
  • No unique materials required. For any of these the only thing you’ll need is a living body, ability to talk, fitness to cold call, internet connection, a gsm cellfone, and/or kitchen space.
None of these business ideas specifically requires a pre-existing expertise, and everything you need can be learned on the job, but the following skills will probably be useful: knowing how to cook, knowledge of basic nutrition, familiarity with the environment, talking skills, and a familiarity with marketing.
The bad news is that some of these skills can take some time to master and you don’t get exposed to them on a regular basis. The good news is that learning them doesn’t have to cost you any money, and you can implement them into your own business incrementally.
So how can you start your own health food business? Let’s go over the basic models.
1). Create Recipes and Start A Cookbook/blogsite/website/list etc.
At Wemton farm, we probably had been sharing recipes for about as long as we’ve been cooking. Some of which found their way onto our blog site [] you can literally get started with nothing. 
Pros: Usefulness and formula is about as tried and true as they come and lots of you probably already do this for fun anyways. It doesn’t cost much either. There’s probably an increased demand for healthy recipe chefs/authors/bloggers as well. Recent research suggests a lot of people would like to buy more products but they literally have no clue what to do with it.
Cons: There are thousand of people doing this already, and that probably won’t change anytime soon. If you just come up with a lot of recipes and self-publish them through Amazon you might make a few hundred bucks. Search engine results are actually quite competitive for most recipes, and developing really good ones is a labour of love.
Tips: To do this well you have no choice but to start your own blog and/or YouTube channel to generate attention. This is hard work and will probably take a year or two before you start to see consistent results, but it’s also very fun. Pinterest has also been a boon to aspiring chefs since it makes visual sharing so much easier.
2). Develop Your Own Product
Wemton farm is a bootstrapped health food company.
This is what I did, and it’s actually not as complicated as it sounds. You create something you feel everyone would like, begin to nurture it.  Taking care of all the details is a lot of work, but in my opinion there’s nothing more timeless than creating something tasty and healthy that people can put in their mouths. That’s just how we reared our quail birds and Moringa trees!
In my honest opinion you should be able to get started with this option for less than =N=25,000 if you look hard. It can cost a lot more than that too.
Pros: Eating will never go out of style, and because these products are health stuff that people need your lifetime customer value can be quite high, so it should be easy to find places/homes to sell your items to. Creating your own customized brand has the highest ceiling of all the available options.
Cons: This option has the highest starting costs. You’ll have physical hurdles to contend with like land purchase/backyard space, and you’ll be constrained by the realities of the physical world. Storage costs, product spoilage will all eat into your profit margins. Getting all the details right can take time and grocery store shelf space is very competitive.
It took me about 9 months to go from conception to physical product and if you’re new to it all the learning curve can be steep.
If it’s a health supplement you’ll have to pay close attention to NAFDAC laws about labelling SON compliance, and advertising laws. If you don’t behave yourself you can literally end up in jail.
Tips and Tricks: The biggest key to getting started on your own terms is to find the right farm like our’s. This may take time. Make sure to be thorough to find true farmers that have specialty products.  If you have no clue about any of this stuff be prepared to spend 2-4 months learning the skill and getting your environment ready. Some people actually don’t do this and that’s crazy. Ask tough questions and visit the farms.
To find farms or garden I will recommend two things:
  1. Google “my type of product” + farm and see what comes up. You’ll probably get a big online billboard of all sorts of Quail and moringa supplier farms?
  2. And if you have a bad batch that can literally put you out of business. However, keep up with it and be fact finding without giving up.

3). Create Your Own Review Site
Get a free blog site this is  probably the most tried-and-true way to make money on the web. People love to read reviews about stuff before they buy it, and if your site gains traction you’ll have the most valuable asset any webmaster could have: people’s attention when they’re about to make a buying decision. Try free
Eventually, if you don’t feel like an expert, you’ll start to make distinctions between products that people will find very valuable. And if your product categories fill a very well-defined niche your advertising space will be very valuable to people and companies.
Pros: Very straight-forward business model with low startup costs that naturally monetizes itself. It’ll be fun if it’s a product you already like and it really doesn’t require much creativity.  Just write what you think about the products. If you gain traction companies will probably start offering to send you free products. With a review site you can make money in three different ways:

Create Your Own Private Label

What Others Have To Say
Get convincing endorsement!

The organic quail meal help me fight diseases and sickness_ Dr Olu Evans

Boiled quail eggs and fresh brown beans meal. Protein source body building block!

The easiest meal combination of healthy alternative options” 
Fried quail eggs and plantain meal.
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