Friday, 5 April 2013


Do you love livestock or rather looking after small farm animals like chicken, turkey, rabbits, snail etc
Do you want to make money so quickly and get returns for your effort in a relatively small time? Then you should think about QUAIL FARMING.

You can start a small scale backyard quail livestock urban to semi - urban farming within the smallest of space. You can even start with a shoe box size, that's how small is small.
You can start with about 50 quail chicks at a time, and gradually watch them grow and acquire the requisite farming experience, that way you see the potential to generate revenue and grow your farm business empire with relative small humble beginning.
Currently D.O.Q chicks will set your pocket down by about =N= 180 the feeding is cheap and they consume far less than the chicken.
Hey! why don't you start now, apart from the [capital ] money, you will need to have some nack for animals including passion for the farming job itself. You will need some kind of knowledge that will help you walk along. Look! don't panic they don't take so much drugs and vaccination like the chicken.  The birds are very strong and hardy they take so much knocking than most poultry birds of their ilk.

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