Friday, 26 April 2013

Backyard Small Scale Urban Farm Garden!

Feeing the family slowly and steadily!
Yes! You can save substantial amount of money only if you don't waste your little resources?

Recently our partner company in Thailand Arabata Company Ltd sent in representative to Nigeria simply kind hearted, just to introduce what I will call a magic wand of a plant supplement recently making waves in their home country.
Many vegetable, fruits, landscape and home make over professionals are running bunker purely for this new product from Arabata Company of Thailand, called SP80 & SW 80.

The product not only increase yield, but also give the plant excellent growth, green leaf for enduring photosynthesis, and nutrient absorption. Farmers no longer need to depend upon urea fertilizer, SP80 is folia supplement that the plant ingest direct through the leaves and direct to the plant. The fantastic aroma of the supplement also attract pollinating insects to the crops.

I called it wonder liquid due to the product's ability to deliver in record time, usually in eight to twelve days. So are you planing or intending to start a backyard farm investment? this is the product of choice, you get returns on your investment 3weekly planting cycle especially if you're thinking short crop vegetables.
For those planting maize/corn you are assure your 90days harvest bounty crop with volume yield increase.

Plant tomato, pepper, vegetable, fruits in your back garden and you are on your way to extra income, self reliance and healthy eating. Your family will eat well and grow fine, within the context of our nation astronomic economic upsurge of food prices.
Don't be scared, do you need training or help with planing planting and bookkeeping for your small farm investment our partner company NISEFoundation can come to your rescue. YOU ONLY NEED TO ASK.
Don't just seat there and be thinking, the time you spend thinking is just the same you'll spend executing the farm program to wealth.
GIVE IT A TRY DON'T BE SHY! send us a mail or simply leave a comment and we shall come back to you. This is a tremendous opportunity grab it, cost of the SP80 is nothing compare with the price of Urea, imagine!
Come on guys let's roll and jam =N= 50,000/fortnight. it's possible YES you can earn it!