Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bounty harvest Plant Supplements here now!

Dear All
Introducing the new farming concept of crop  INTENSIFICATION  with the use of agricultural enzymes, with biodiversity. This is a plant supplement that have no residue and does not have any effect whatsoever on the plant or post harvest reaction to humans.
The Agric Enzyme work to double your present yield per ha /acre. This bio-organic compound readily mixes with water and can be sprayed directly to the crops, wetting the soil to equally improve fertility and texture of the farmyard soil.
Ideal for self sustaining backyard farmer, horticulturist, vegetable, and fruit growers, including market gardeners. 
Wadas will be host to a group of Agronomist from Thailand in April, who are going to be training young farmer-preneurs to join the Nigerian food revolution, if you are interested in the training and wishes to learn to use the new model in food production then send us a mail by registering your backyard farm/ small scale farm plots for free trial run,
The school of urban agriculture is still taking on new students, if you like to join you can do so  by sending us a mail.
Thank you kindly