Thursday, 31 January 2013

The backyard garden business model

As a farmer-preneur you must have an objective and focus:- 
If you want to start a farm, whether urban or rural, you obviously are doing it to raise food for others, and to make a living at it.  A multi-plot city/urban farm will have the same revenue sources as a regular farm, plus the initial garden set-up cost that you may charge the end users of your farm produce. Your farm revenue or reward for your effort will stream from your local market first i.e next door neighbour, church/mosque, school/college, corner shops, and restaurants. 
You must work from your position of market advantage and integrate forwards, as in other businesses, have a well thought out farm business plan in place. Suffice as that may!
Let's outline the simple tools you must keep handy, after securing the farm area: -

§  A broad fork
§  2 long spades
§   row of stakes
§  a compost thermometer
§  2, 6’ x 8’ greenhouses/nursery shade
§  2 greenhouse thermometers
§  3 hoses
§  2 spray nozzles
§  2 watering cans
§  3000’ weed barrier
§  a drip irrigation system
§  a 5 gallon salad spinner
§  4 extension cords
§  fencing
§  lumber to construct seedling trays
§  2 germination pads
§  2 retractable knives
§  4, 20 gallon utility tubs
§  water tap splitters
a fairly used or reliable refrigerator.

Your follow on start up expenses may include the followings depending upon your location within the city or area.

§    tretments for the top soil
§  soil test
§  water
§  seeds and live plants
§  row cover
§  potting soil
  beneficial insects
§  produce bags and rubber bands

Well we shall continue next week, when we take a look at start up budget.