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Beginners guide to Quail farming.

Quail farming for beginners!


Do you want to raise Quail correctly from the start, but you have tons of questions bugling your mind?
 Like: -
 * How much it would cost to get started?
 * Do you have enough room for raising Quail?
 * What kind of equipment will you need to raise Quail?
 * How much room is required for a Quail breeding farm?
 * What type of Quail coops will work best for Quail farming?  Etc.

 If you are new to raising Quail. I would suggest starting out small. Keep your starting cost down; let your experience in breeding Quail grow, then your flock. With an initial investment of about =N=50,000, anyone can start a small quail unit in one's own backyard or household.
 You could also be thinking to yourself: -
 * I, have never incubated an egg in my life, how do I start incubating Quail eggs?
 * What is this Brooder, you keep hearing about and what does it have to do with raising Quail?
 * How do I get the best price for the equipments and Quail eggs?
 * Will the supplier answer my questions after my purchase of equipment needed for Quail farming?  At Wemton farm the answer is YES! We not only help you to start, we also set you up as a member of our family of quail farmers.  Our hotline… 234 8060625527, 8056561979.

 When raising Quail, you will have to incubate the eggs, although this is not very necessary, depending upon which niche you wish to perch your service. It is very rare [if not difficult]for Quail to hatch their eggs in captivity. Choosing the right brooding method to fit your situation is extremely important. Once your Quail eggs have become chicks. You do not want to lose them because of improper brooding techniques.

 Brooding is the ability to contain the Quail chicks in a controlled environment, with proper heat, food, water, space and air. Raising Quail chicks requires all of these components to come together properly until your Quail chicks completely feather out.  Wemton will teach more ones become a member of the family

 Maybe you have already started raising Quail on your own,

 * but are seeing terrible hatch rates.
 * You could be having problems with your Quail chicks dying and costing you money.
 * You might be experiencing Quail pecking problems or cannibalism.
 * Are you having Quail pairing problems?
 * You could also be wondering the types of food you should be feeding your Quail chicks, breeders, runners, and broiler meat Quail?

 ... or are your breeding Quail birds, just not laying?

 Don't feel embarrassed, these are all common petty problems, every Quail Breeder goes through, and the learning curve is steep!
 I almost gave up Raising Quail.

  I had a ton of questions just like you.

 It took me years to learn the "ins and outs" of raising Quail and actually turn a profit. At one point, I almost gave up because I just didn't know who to turn to for help.
Do you love quails very much and can you see its potential to generate a high amount of profits in the market? Then why don’t you start your own quail farm business? Aside from the money which is your initial capital, you must also have good understanding of how to manage a small quail farm.
Believe me; trial and error is much too costly for a Quail Farming Business. It is better for you to ensure you have a true passion, time, and money to get it on the way and roll along profitably and proudly. Knowing how to do it right will prevent unnecessary stress on your Quail, and more importantly, ON YOU!
You can't prevent or solve every Quail problem that can arise. But by being informed and having the experience of a master Quail Breeder by your side, you can address all of the problems that can be prevented in Raising Your Quail.
You're about to learn the tips that can take you to your green fortune, remember students becomes masters so be prepare to share at all times, by posting unto our blog for the benefit of other learners.
Hey look here the Advantages to quail farming are Awesome!  Just take a look, if you‘re still feeling strong with your spirit;
Here are the advantages I see in it.
 1. Requires minimum floor space
2. Needs low investment
3. Quails are comparatively sturdy birds
 4. Can be marketed at an early age ie. five weeks
 5. Early sexual maturity - starts laying eggs in about six to seven weeks of age
 6. High rate of egg laying -280 eggs per year
7. Quail meat is tastier than chicken and has less fat content. It promotes body and brain development in children.
8. Nutritionally, the quail eggs are on par with that of chicken eggs. Moreover, they contain less cholesterol. Quail meat and eggs are a nutritious diet for pregnant and nursing mothers.
9. Help improve low sperm count and fertility.
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